Urban UU congregation seeks new minister who is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and –oh by the way—willing to work 24/7 and be all things to all people.  Probably not. But input from the congregational survey conducted by the Minister Search Committee in September is helping to clarify Emerson’s vision for our new minister. (No speeding bullets, no tall buildings). Emerging from the survey—along with other activities such as small-group meetings and a session conducted by the transition team in late September—is a clear description of what YOU want in the future. First things first: Our sincerest thanks to everyone who took that 20+ minutes to complete the questionnaire! And now, a little about the results. Here’s a graphic of the words that you used frequently when you talked about our beloved community. Are some of these yours? In the 105 surveys that were completed, respondents told us that Emersonians:

  • see our congregation is a spiritual home that provides a sense of belonging, renewal, inspiration and support.
  • feel most UU, most connected and most inspired by Sunday worship and small group programs and activities.
  • want a dynamic minister who will provide spiritual growth and inspiration, vision and leadership, high-quality worship—especially sermons—and foster the growth of the congregation.
Responses reflect a picture of a well-educated, socially conscious, but aging urban congregation bound together by a strong sense of community, belonging and mutual support. We are ready after the pandemic to get re-involved and hope to expand our reach and attract a younger and more diverse group of members. Our shared vision of a new minister is a person who can offer inspiring, challenging and dynamic worship services; connect with individual members; provide spiritual support, inspiration and congregational care; foster the development and growth of the congregation, in not only membership numbers but also involvement; and offer leadership in envisioning and planning for our future. Want to learn more about the survey? (links) Overview and summary (link to executive summary, Word doc) All responses (link to Survey Monkey responses, pdf) After small-group meetings wrap up in mid-October, the next step in the search is completing the Congregational Record, which will be available for all potential candidates to review as they research churches where they might like to be considered. Your input from both the survey and the small-group meetings will be included in this document (along with a LOT about the story of Emerson that you may–or may not–know). When the Congregational Record is completed, we’ll post it on the search committee’s web page so everyone at Emerson will be able to look at the same document being seen by applicants. In the meantime, if you have questions or comments, email us at search@emersonhouston.org.]]>

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  1. Larry Huelbig October 27, 2022 at 10:59 am

    Thanks for all the time and work you have devoted to this project.

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