All over the country, people are reading about Emerson.

Those people are ministers in search, reading Emerson’s Congregational Record on the UUA minister search website.

They’re taking a close look at our city, our church, our history, hopes and challenges. And they’re deciding if they’d like to become part of our beloved community.

The Congregational Record is part job posting, part recruiting brochure–our first official outreach to ministers in search. The members of the search committee invested more than six weeks and recorded nearly 100 hours in compiling, writing, and revising the document to create a comprehensive 45-page portrait of Emerson.

And we couldn’t have done it without the staff and members of the congregation who provided invaluable assistance in completing this enormous task—writing, researching, data collection, fact-checking, reviewing. Our enthusiastic thanks to all of you!

After the t’s were crossed and the i’s were dotted, we sent a draft to be reviewed by the UUA Transitions Office. Our liaison was impressed. (That made us very happy!)

She told us, “The effort and care you put into it shows! You did an outstanding job describing your congregational life, culture, and history. The tone is warm and inviting, and you give information that ministers will want to have when deciding where to apply.”

“Your work,” she said, “reflects your love and hopes for your church. You have helped potential applicants imagine how it would be to be in a ministry partnership with your church, and to identify what is fully formed and working well already, and some areas where their skills or creative partnership might bring about new possibilities.”

If you want to see what she’s talking about, here is the entire Congregational Record. Check it out and see what you can learn about our church!




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