Sunday, April 30: The last step of a long journey and a momentous day for our beloved community when the Emerson congregation will vote on calling the Rev. Ed Proulx as our settled minister.

Sunday we will be voting, not only on calling a minister, but also on:

  • the comprehensive and collaborative process used to find the candidate.
  • how well our congregation was heard by the search committee.
  • how well the search committee defined the gifts of ministry that Emersonians want in our candidate.
  • how the search committee represented our congregation to applicants.
  • if our congregation is willing to move into a shared ministry partnership with Rev. Proulx.
  • what is best for our whole

What the vote does not reflect is:

  • whether you think you would have chosen the candidate on your own, given what you know about the congregation.
  • whether you think, based on two sermons, that every sermon the candidate preaches will or will not speak perfectly to the hearts and minds of every single member every single time.
  • whether there might be a better match out there somewhere.
  • whether the candidate is the perfect minister.
  • what is best for one particular person in the congregation.

Voting will be anonymous, either in person or online. According to Emerson’s bylaws, no proxies are allowed in a vote to call a minister. If you want to vote online, watch your email for instructions.


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