Progressive Churches

What makes a progressive church?

A progressive church is a place where anyone can feel safe. That is because a progressive church believes in the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and believes that every person should be treated with justice, equity, and compassion.

A progressive church is welcoming to LGBTQ+ people. We’re welcoming to single parents. We’re welcoming to young families. We’re actively anti-racist. At churches like Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church, you can be who you are, and meet people who share your vision for a brighter, kinder world.

A Place Where Faith and Progressive Ideals Align

A progressive church is a place where a progressive social activist can find a home. Progressives often feel spiritually isolated by the conservative outlook of fundamentalist churches.  We believe that sincere spiritual belief is totally compatible with progressive political beliefs. UUs  strive to be a force for good. Many among us have chosen our church because its spiritual beliefs led them to a belief in progressive policies.

You might find that the impact of liberal religion is richer and more far reaching than many know. Unitarian Universalist churches have inspired and supported two centuries of American social progress, supporting everything from the abolition of slavery to the advancement of women’s rights.

Today, we are active in struggles like the fight for marriage equality, ecological responsibility, and global peace.

Why join a progressive church?

Joining a progressive church can help you advance positive social change. We believe that progressive people must claim the transformative power of a faith that values the worth of the individual.

Most of the most important work of changing the world is done through collective action. Here, you will find many opportunities to get involved with the work of supporting immigrants and refugees, in working towards environmental justice, in marching for women’s rights, and in feeding the hungry.

We’re a great place for people who are eager to make a difference but uncertain about where and how to start.

We even make time to have fun and to form friendships along the way.

If you miss having a church home, come pay us a visit.

We invite you to forge new friendships and alliances here, and to enjoy fellowship, music, and an open-minded spiritual practice.