Author: Alejandra Gonzalez

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize, Hold On

Feb 2, 2020

Perhaps no other event of modern U.S. history more exemplifies this month’s theme of “Persistence” than the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize was one of the songs the black community sang over and over to keep their spirits up … read more.

The “Praiser” and the Praised

Nov. 24, 2019

On this Sunday before Thanksgiving, let us consider the role of praise and thanksgiving in our interpersonal relationships. How do we affirm and give thanks for the people in our lives? How much praise is appropriate? Can you overdo praise? What does praising … read more.

How and Why Do UU’s Worship?

Nov. 3, 2019

For the month of November, we will be examining the theme of “giving praise”.  To many people in our society that would be the definition of worship, as long as you understood that the object of that praise was God.  But is “giving … read more.

The Great Work of Our Time?

Sep. 29, 2019

Is there a vital task that confronts the human species at this juncture in time – some Great Work that, if you participated in it, you would feel you were on the right side of history? Surely the world is in need of … read more.

You Never Know What Might Happen

Sep. 08, 2019

“Come on out and play!” There will be joy in coming together once again. It’s HOMECOMING SUNDAY! We will renew our bonds of faith and affection.

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I think I have fallen in love! He is quite the looker – blonde hair, big blue eyes, a charming smile. And he seems so open to new experiences, curious and engaged with life. But one of the best parts is that … read more.

Transitional Thoughts

As I begin my transitional ministry with you (for one and hopefully two years), it’s an honor to serve on your ministry team during these times. As a member of the UUA Interim Ministry Guild I help congregations move through change to prepare for new … read more.

English Classes (ESL for Adults)

“Houston is the most diverse, rapidly growing major US metropolitan area, and immigration has contributed greatly to its growth and diversity. In 2013 the Houston metro area was home to 6.3 million people, of whom 1.4 million were foreign born – an increase of nearly … read more.