On April 30, 2023, the Congregation voted unanimously to call Reverend Ed Proulx to be our settled minister.  The vote was 83 for, zero against, and zero abstaining.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the entire Congregation, I presented modest flower arrangements to the members of the search committee – Zena Taylor and Ken McLeod, co-chairs; Deborah Wotring; Kris Taylor; Bill Hammons; Beth Hammer; and Judy Williams – as a token of appreciation for their tremendous work during the search process.

Reverend Ed Proulx will officially begin work at Emerson on August 1, 2023.  During this transition period, I ask Emersonians to direct any requests for communication with Reverend Ed to Kris Taylor (Email: ktaylor2106@sbcglobal.net) or Deborah Wotring (Email: wotringdmw2017@gmail.com), who were selected as points of contact.  Reverend Michelle LaGrave will continue to serve as our minister until that time.

This is an exciting and historic time for our church; however, our work to strengthen our congregation, increase the health of our congregation, and become a more inclusive and welcoming congregation is an ongoing process that does not stop with the addition of a new settled minister.

I felt lots of energy, passion, excitement, and love during Candidating Week.  I know we can channel that energy, passion, excitement, and love to do great things in the coming years.

Best regards,
Michael Bloom
President, BOT

Some final thoughts from the Minister Search Committee

In some ways, the journey is over. In some ways, it has just begun.
Emerson has finished our years of wandering in the wilderness. (Yes, sometimes it seems like at least 40!) Now our journey shifts from “search” to “settle,” as we look forward to greeting Rev. Ed Proulx at the end of the summer. Here's what will happen going forward:

  • The Minister Search Committee will disband. Those distinctive orange nametags will disappear, and the members will return to “civilian life” in the congregation.
  • Two members will serve as liaisons to the new minister during the summer.
  • We'll say “goodbye” to the Rev. Michelle LaGrave, who has served as our interim minister since 2020.
  • Emerson will offer congregation-led summer programming as usual.
  • Ed will arrive in early August to begin his new position and get acquainted.
  • Homecoming Sunday in September will be a joyous occasion of reunion and welcoming!

The Search Committee would like to acknowledge those who have supported us through this momentous journey:

  • everyone who completed surveys and attended small-group sessions
  • everyone who graciously opened their homes for meetings
  • everyone who helped research, write, review, revise and polish the documents we submitted for the search
  • everyone who provided technical expertise and set-up for our online meetings, created and maintained the search page on the website, publicized events and shared progress reports
  • everyone who assisted with preparing and reviewing the salary/benefits package and contract
  • everyone who wrote pre-candidate letters
  • everyone who asked us good questions–even when we couldn't always answer them
  • everyone who endured our months of enforced silence
  • everyone who offered words of encouragement and appreciation
  • everyone who rejoiced when we shared the wonderful news of our successful search
  • everyone who participated in Candidating Week and transformed “Our Candidate” into “Our Minister.”

You have been our constant inspiration and the unwavering focus of our work. Thank you for your trust and confidence as together we look forward to the future!

Beth, Bill, Deborah, Judy, Ken, Kris and Zena

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