Emerson offers many opportunities for you to get involved. Participation is open to everyone. New ideas are always welcome. Please use the menu on the left to find out more. Join us on the second Sunday at 12:30 PM for the monthly meeting of the Social Action Council, details are in the weekly E-blast newsletter on the prior Wednesday.

Advocating for Justice

We address institutionalized and systemic discrimination through education, advocacy and witness. Much of our work is carried out in conjunction with other Unitarian Universalist congregations through regional or national programs:

Through the UUA’s Side with Love campaign (formerly “Standing on the Side of Love”) we amplify the voices of the oppressed by showing up in partnership at justice events across the country and lobbying local, state, and national leaders on many issues.

We often join with other UU congregations on racial justice initiatives such as Black Lives Matter

We provided educational and advocacy opportunities on election justice and civic engagement by actively participating in the UU the Vote campaign.

Reproductive Freedom – Emerson UU Church Trusts and Respects Women
Emerson is one of four churches in Houston, TX that has made a pledge to Reproductive Freedom Congregations.

What is a Reproductive Freedom Congregation?

Reproductive Freedom Congregations publicly affirm three principles:

  • We trust and respect women.
  • We promise that people who attend our congregation will be free from stigma, shame, or judgment for their reproductive decisions, including abortion.
  • We believe access to comprehensive and affordable reproductive health services is a moral and social good.

Learn more at https://justtx.org.

Texas UU Justice Ministry (TXUUJM), an association of UU congregations in Texas that provides a vehicle to express and advocate for statewide public policies that uphold Unitarian Universalist values. In 2021, TXUUJM will focus on themes of racial justice, environmental justice, healthcare, economic justice, and voting rights.

Houston Pride Festival and Parade has long been supported by the UU Network of Houston, UU congregations in the greater Houston area. Members of all UU congregations walk together to support the LGBTQ community.

Environmental justice is the focus of UU Ministry for Earth, a national organization of UUs that promotes justice and stewardship on individual, congregational, and regional levels, led by Emerson’s Ministry for Earth group. We partner with the Citizens’ Climate Lobby which advocates for the adoption of the Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal.

We support local initiatives such as the Harris County Drug Court Foundation, now known as Justice Forward, supports the specialty drug court, Success Through Addiction Recovery (STAR) Program. STAR is an alternative to incarceration for long term drug addicts who have been arrested for a drug or drug related offense. Emerson was instrumental in the formation of the Drug Court in Harris County.

Helping People

We address immediate needs of our local community such as education, housing, and food.

Emerson Educational Programs

English Classes (ELL for Adults)

Since 2015, Emerson has hosted free English classes for anyone who wants to learn, taught by volunteers from Emerson and neighboring congregations. We have served hundreds of students from dozens of countries over the years.

Groppe Scholarship Program

This program provides funding for college educations at two-year institutions for academically talented high school seniors who are the first in their families to attend college. The program provides full tuition, fees and books. The scholarship is guaranteed for the completion of an associate degree in the arts or sciences provided the student maintains an acceptable level of academic achievement as determined by the college.

Housing and Food

Social Action

All ages help out at Rebuilding Together Houston

Rebuilding Together Houston

This organization provides volunteers of all ages an opportunity to learn a new skill while helping an elderly or disabled Houstonian repair their home.

Meals on Wheels (Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston)

Each Sunday, 25% of the plate collection is donated to Meals on Wheels. This longstanding program delivers a meal to home-bound seniors over 60 and their spouses. The drivers deliver breakfast and weekend meals to the most frail and isolated seniors. This nutritional support helps seniors stay independent and in their own homes.

Houston Food Bank

We offer opportunities to help out at the Food Bank, by sorting and loading non-perishable groceries or staffing the phone bank.

Disaster Relief

The most vulnerable populations recover last in a disaster. Disaster relief grants to UU congregations and organizations not only help Unitarian Universalists, they can also support on-the-ground relief efforts through partnerships that meet the needs of underserved communities. Your support is needed to ensure this important ministry is robust and ready. Please consider making a contribution today.

Learn more about the UUA Disaster Relief Fund here. Donate to the UUA Disaster Relief Fund here.

Financial Support for Social Action

Through a formal application and approval process, Emerson may grant financial support to nonprofit organizations. The Board of Trustees makes the final decision subject to budgetary conditions. For details, see Outreach Fund Grants

The collection from each Sunday service is designated as Share the Plate and is disbursed to organizations selected annually by the Outreach Committee. For details, see Share the Plate.

“Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”
~ Martin Luther King Jr.