Monthly Overview

Message from Your Minister

Well, Hello Everyone,

This is my first pastoral message as your minister.

As we’re just beginning the process of getting to know each other, and I am beginning the process of getting to know Houston, there is not a lot on which I can comment at the time.

My wife, Francine and my mother Jan and I moved from Florida in July.  It was a rocky move, with our stuff finally arriving quite a bit later than had been expected.  During the down […]

Children and Youth Ministry for October

We continue our Faithful Journey with elementary through middle school young people.

Children start the service with their parents in the Sanctuary. At the time designated in the service we leave for RE in Room 108. There we start with sharing how each of us has done something aligned with at least one UU principle the past week and also with a story from a religious tradition that pertains to the lesson.

Emerson’s Sunday School program is a mix of:

  • Sunday School classes using Unitarian Universalist curriculum. These learning communities, led by our wonderful volunteer teachers, light a chalice, share our stories, and take part in games, crafts, and experiments.

  • All-ages Worship – a monthly multigenerational service, helping children learn the rhythms of worship and holding us all in community.

  • Milestone programs (Coming of Age, Our Whole Lives comprehensive sexuality education)

  • Special Events – Homecoming Sunday (September), Souper Bowl of Caring (February), Gardening Days, etc.

So we can best prepare for all families, please take a few minutes to register for our program!

Our Cooperative Program

Every year volunteers contribute countless hours to our Sunday School program. We ask all guardians* to contribute their time as they are able—as teachers, assistants, and playground helpers, and organizing special events and ongoing projects.

Email us to learn more.

*Parenthood is NOT a requirement to volunteer! We joyfully welcome all ages and stages!

Children & Youth Program Vision and Mission

VISION (What):

Our youth grow up together in a community of joy and wonder, building Unitarian Universalist identities that draw on diverse faith traditions and take individual and collective action to help others.


We create an environment encouraging and nurturing self respect, community development, comprehensive religious literacy, spiritual growth, and faith in action.

Forms and policies:

Children and Youth Protection Policy.

Online Family Registration Form for Religious Education for Children & Youth.

Welcome from the Religious Education Team!

Children and youth at Emerson know that they are unique and wonderful and LOVED. Our members have a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs, and we know we all can learn from one another.

We proudly provide liberal religious education, creating opportunities for our children and youth to ask questions, hear stories, and be joyful with each other. We teach the values and stories of many religions—as well as our own unique heritage—and celebrate each person’s gifts as important to our world.

We look forward to meeting you!