You came (in person or in pixels).

You ate pizza (or tabouli or cheese and crackers) and sipped coffee (or Chardonnay or sparkling water).

But most important, you talked.

At the 10 small-group meetings conducted in October by the Minister Search Committee, you talked about Emerson–its traditions, its culture, its hopes and dreams for a new minister and for the future. And even about its warts.

And your Search Committee listened.

After each meeting, a member of the committee wrote up the remarks and at the end of all 10 meetings, we compiled them into four documents, reflecting the three major areas we discussed and a fourth—for all of those other great comments that didn’t exactly fit the outline but were well worth noting.

We used this feedback to complete a significant part of the Congregational Record, a comprehensive document that prospective ministers look at to acquaint themselves with churches they might be interested in. You’ll have a chance to read the Congregational Record as well; we’ll post it on the Search webpage as soon as it goes “live” on the UUA website for access by potential applicants.

Our heartfelt thanks to the 79 people who invested your time in our future!!

Learn more about the small group meetings: (link to docs)