Trustees on Duty – It is a joy to be part of such a wonderful group of Emersonians – the Board of Trustees. This picture is from our winter retreat, when we risked removing our masks to share our smiling faces. We are happy to serve this beloved faith community, each bringing a special gift to share. Going in order from left to right, Marilyn is working to keep us connected through initiatives like having food and drink (along with coffee!) at Social Time. Although she is often unable to attend church, more times than not she is our host for the Zoom social time. Michael is our expert wordsmith, helping polish the recently adopted COVID guidelines, and our financial guru, serving as liaison on the Finance Committee. He is kindly guiding the new Stewardship Committee from his vast experience. Ellen is passionate about social justice issues, serving as Chair of the Social Action Council, and is super organized, as evidenced by the well-attended Kilgore Lecture with David Eagleman which she orchestrated. Allan shows his love for this church and our beautiful campus by inspiring events such as the Innovative Energy Fest and with his help, getting the basketball hoop reinstalled. He is excited for the LUUnch BUUnch initiative happening, as it is all about community for him! Ian is amazing – not only chairing the invaluable Lay Pastoral Ministry Team, but recently helping to reinstitute the English as a Second Language (ESL) program, which is currently educating 30 students for free each Tuesday and Thursday evening. Mike lends us his clear vision and good energy, particularly in orchestrating Covenant Groups (while leading his own), working to integrate the groups in with social time at church to enhance our community. Martin, who gave us so much last year under his leadership (think new governance documents!), continues that gift in our new COVID policy. His ability to act on a vision is a gift for which we are grateful! Greg has a passion for creating a vibrant Emerson that is diverse in all ways and bringing his communication expertise to that end. He is the inspiration for getting “Trustees on Duty”. Each Sunday we are striving to have a trustee on hand to help greet, to assist ushers if needed, to possibly help with parts of the service, to answer questions about the church campus and offerings, to help with the RE program, or in the case of a recent Sunday, to help mop up a leak 😊. We are a diverse and dedicated group of volunteers who have this in common – we love Emerson. Look for us on a Sunday. We are happy to engage with this beloved community. In peace, Dori]]>

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