Life is full of dichotomies – abundance and dearth, joy and sadness. While there have been such tragedies and threats in the world around us, so has there been sparks of great joy in the ongoing life of Emerson.

Although I couldn’t personally attend the retreat due to COVID, I am so grateful we have those in our midst who first envisioned and then worked to create the reality. Whether there in person or in spirit, we are truly interconnected with nature, with the other, and with this church.

I am grateful for our search committee and excited to support their next steps. We will be holding a special congregational vote on June 26 to allocate funds for the search. Proxy votes will be allowed. The official announcement will be sent separately.

Finally, I am looking forward to the Innovative Energy Fest on June 19 and hope you will pass along the flyer and bring your children and grandchildren, friends and neighbors, to what should be a fun, engaging and impactful afternoon for adults and children alike. Check out different electric vehicles and join a team for the racing of model solar-powered EVs and much more. And yes, there will be prizes!

In peace,