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Building Our Vision

Over the course of 6 visioning sessions, more than 60 members and friends of Emerson shared their beliefs about the strengths of Emerson today and what Emerson could look like in the future. Below is a summary of their visions of an Ideal Emerson. A … read more.

Welcome, Sojourner!

Transitional Thoughts
Welcome, Sojourner!

It is the season of homecoming at church. Worship attendance and program participation increases as we gather again in fuller force.

Maybe this isn’t the only homecoming going on.

As a transitional minister serving congregations during shorter pastorates, I have the luxury of experiencing different … read more.

Hospitality as Spiritual Practice

In August, churches see an increase in visitors, as families begin settling into fall activities so this month is an opportunity to be especially welcoming. Though our greeters have the specific task on Sunday morning to welcome folks—all of us need to be welcoming.

Do we … read more.

Creating a Positive Vision for Emerson Church

All Emerson church members and friends are invited to attend one of six sessions during July and August to engage a new process—

To discover our strengths and dream what we can become


Simply plan to attend the one most convenient to you.


Why Visioning Sessions?  … read more.

Life on the Horizontal and Vertical

Why do we come to church?  Why do others seek us out?  There are many answers to those questions. I suggest two, for now.

First, for fellowship. People come here looking for authentic human connection. We come here to be with friends and family, and often … read more.

Emerson Thinks Big…and Scores!

Many new members may not have heard about the Harris County Drug Courts — four of them — and how we at Emerson have helped 624 convicted drug addicts become “clean.” Emerson members helped establish a two-year program to finance residential treatment, relapse prevention, anger … read more.

Having a Blue Christmas?

If truth be told, many of us besides Elvis want to sing “Blue Christmas” during the holidays. The season is “supposed to be” festive and fun as family and friends gather for (too much) food and (too many) gifts. The reality is different.

Many of us … read more.

Building Up The Future Together

Dear Members and Friends of Emerson,

You are invited to participate in a ground breaking re-imagination of religious education at Emerson.The conversation will begin on Saturday March 5th from 10AM to 1PM. And yes, there will be childcare and snacks.

When Masai greet one another they do not say, “Hello.” … read more.

Gratitude Art

One word, yet it brings many thoughts to mind. It can hug our heart, bring a smile to our face, change how we see the world, and give us hope. There are many ways to show your gratitude in the world. Today and for the next … read more.