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Building Our Vision

Over the course of 6 visioning sessions, more than 60 members and friends of Emerson shared their beliefs about the strengths of Emerson today and what Emerson could look like in the future. Below is a summary of their visions of an Ideal Emerson. A … read more.

Emerson Thinks Big…and Scores!

Many new members may not have heard about the Harris County Drug Courts — four of them — and how we at Emerson have helped 624 convicted drug addicts become “clean.” Emerson members helped establish a two-year program to finance residential treatment, relapse prevention, anger … read more.

Building Up The Future Together

Dear Members and Friends of Emerson,

You are invited to participate in a ground breaking re-imagination of religious education at Emerson.The conversation will begin on Saturday March 5th from 10AM to 1PM. And yes, there will be childcare and snacks.

When Masai greet one another they do not say, “Hello.” … read more.

Gratitude Art

One word, yet it brings many thoughts to mind. It can hug our heart, bring a smile to our face, change how we see the world, and give us hope. There are many ways to show your gratitude in the world. Today and for the next … read more.

Innovating For Our Future

Living on Mars by James Vaughn

Within fifteen years, we hope to establish
a human settlement on Mars. Teams are
hard at work to equip them for the
journey. How will they live together in
tight spaces? What might they encounter
in their explorations?

And what of … read more.

What Our Children Do: Social Action Sundays

On January 17th, our children and youth got a little experience in meal planning. They  looked through grocery ads and price lists to make a day’s menu plan for their family, figured out how much it would cost, and then made adjustments based on what … read more.

Growing Your Spirit?

For the past year or so, I’ve worn a FitBit. It tracks my steps, flights of stairs, sleep efficiency, and times of high activity. Its app shows me how I’m doing, and allows me to track other fields like water intake and specific exercises.

But there’s … read more.

Our Theological Diversity

Last month our middle school youth polled the congregation during coffee hour, asking each person to choose from a list of fourteen theological statements* to select the three they most agreed with.

The class did the exercise themselves, and we put it online for anyone else … read more.

The Miracles We Might See

I got to see my baby niece roll over!  She’s over
a thousand miles away—I last visited when
she was a newborn. And yet, there she was
on my phone screen, squealing and rolling.

For all that pundits might claim technology to
be evil and isolating, … read more.