Welcome to February – a transition month where we welcome in new board members, review and set our goals, and move the ministerial search process forward. We urge you to attend the Reverend Michelle’s Q&A on Thursday February 17 at 7 PM and engage when a member from the transition team calls to get your input. We are in Phase 2 of the search process:

Phase 2: Selection Committee formed (Congregational Meeting May 1, 2022)

Phase 3: Building the Structure to Search (summer-fall 2022)

Phase 4: Opening up the Search (Nov. 2022)

Phase 5: Discernment/Mutual Selection (Jan. – Mar. 2023)

Phase 6: Finalizing the offer (April 2023)

Phase 7: Entering into a New Ministry (May-August 2023, with August 1 start date)

I am grateful for the past leadership of Katie Scott and Martin Estill and will strive to follow in their wise and thoughtful footsteps. While the board has the fiscal responsibility to operate within a balanced budget, the other areas of focus are equally important – staying connected with each other – which hopefully will involve some fun and rewarding events – and being a truly welcoming and sustainable church – which will undoubtably involve learning new habits and trying new things.

The board meets the third Tuesday of every month at 7 PM. The meetings are open to all and there is always space at the beginning for member comments. Your thoughts are important. I am very aware that we will not be able to satisfy all – as Paula Cole Jones noted, “We are a community of communities.” It is this rich diversity of people, opinions, and desires that makes Emerson the church I have come to love. We are the church – each and every one of us. Together we can enhance our own lives and the lives of others. Thank you for traveling on this journey as one.