Wait – I’m getting ANOTHER call from an Emersonian? Didn’t I get called last year about my thoughts on who might best serve on the search committee for our new settled minister? I thought I filled out a survey? What, the names I came up with aren’t good enough?!

If questions like those are running through your head, you may not be alone! Yes, we are having a “do-over” in the process of selecting a search committee, but not because those whose names came forward from the exercise last year aren’t good enough. They are perfect examples of who best to serve our church. They will most likely still be in the final list of 12 or so candidates we will vote on at the May 1 congregational meeting to arrive at a committee of 7 members.

Due to three main factors, we are going to call again:

  • We needed the updated governance documents to be clear on the process.
  • We needed to be less in the throes of a pandemic that we might once again be able to meet and talk in person.
  • We need to be able to truly engage and have dialogue with each household about the process, to build trust with each other and those we ultimately select for the search committee.

Do pick up the phone, or call back when one of the 15 people from the Board, the Transition Team, and the Nominating Committee leaves you a message. Engage, share your thoughts, rename candidates and add new ones after having a good dialogue with your caller. You can name as many as you would like, including yourself. Come to church and greet others, sharing why you want to serve in this important capacity.

This is an important step in the process of finding a settled minister. Thank you for engaging fully!