This post originally appeared in our October newsletter. Throughout my childhood I attended early mass every Sunday, then we stopped for donuts on the way home. We each got to request our favorite donuts, then gobble them while reading the comics. If we were REALLY lucky, there was chocolate milk. Thirty years later my sons read their comics online, and our “after church” connection waits until supper. In this world where things seem to change constantly, a bit of tradition can be a real comfort. The UNICEF Carnival is one of our oldest traditions here at Emerson, raising funds to help children around the world while our community comes together for fun. Join us on Sunday, November 1st-

  • All ages get one more chance to wear their Halloween costumes
  • Special Social Action Sunday School lesson for children and youth
  • Carnival after the service!
  • Pizza lunch
  • Old-fashioned carnival games
  • Game prize tickets redeemable at our trading post of gently-used toys.
Tickets for food and games are sold in $5 and $10 packs. All proceeds go toward UNICEF’s work in the world. Dozens and dozens of Emersonians come together to make this event happen. You can help Friday night, Sunday morning, or Sunday afternoon, as well as a few opportunities on the Sundays leading up to the event. See our signups in the Gathering Place or in the weekly e-blast to help grow the joy! Trading Post Got gently-used toys, sporting goods, and children's books and media you've been meaning to cull? Our trading post acts as a churchwide “hand-me-down” system. Bring your items to Westwood Hall in October and follow the signs to their short-term storage area upstairs. SHARE THE PLATE Throughout the month of October we're sharing our Sunday plate offerings with the US fund for UNICEF. UNICEF provides medical help, food, education, and many more services to children and families in need around the world. This organization has a five-star rating with Charity Navigator.

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