Dear Ones,

Yup, things are changing… again.  We all know change can be difficult and this congregation sure has had a lot of it the last few years.  Now that Ale, your Communications Admin has left and with Karen, your Business Admin’s retirement slated for the end of January even more change is in the air.  Staff positions and tasks are in flux, and will be for some time.  Audrey has taken on some additional hours and is doing some of the tasks formerly done by Ale, including the weekly e-blasts.  Angel has taken on others, including the announcement slides that are shown before the service.  And we are still looking for additional help, so things will likely change again.  So we’re sending out this little communique to help you communicate your communication needs.  To do that, we’ll need you to fill out some forms.  Go ahead and check them out now, so that you’ll be familiar with them before you even need them:

To reserve space in Westwood Hall, or Delaney Hall, or to set up a Zoom room, please submit your request at two weeks before the event itself. To publicize something in the Wednesday e-blast, please submit your request via, at least eight days before you want it to be circulated. On this form you can also make a request for an announcement slide to be shown before the Sunday service.

We know, forms and longer deadlines aren’t what you’re used to for these kinds of communications.  They require a little more planning and a little more effort.  And, we are confident they will help us help you communicate better as well as make things run more smoothly here at church!

On behalf of the entire staff, thank you for your patience and your understanding,

Rev. Michelle