• Two Sundays each month will be the traditional graded-classroom Sunday School model we’re all used to.
  • One Sunday is for a social action project, building out from the core programs we’ve done for several years  like Souper Bowl of Caring, giving all an opportunity to practice living their Unitarian Universalist faith.
  • And one Sunday each month is Chalice Hour– a chance for children and youth to come together to explore a common theme, with a chapel service and an emphasis on useful life strategies.
  • Not only will this hybrid allow children and youth to get to interact in new and wider ways, but it opens up new possibilities for adults—even if you’d never consider being a weekly Sunday School teacher, we would love to work with you to find your singular niche. And yes, our supplementary programming like 10 AM playground hour and Coming of Age will continue. This new program starts August 23rd, when our children and youth explore meditation and calming techniques before the hubbub of the first day of school. August 30th we’ll collect underwear for the Undies for Everyone back to school drive and brainstorm more social action projects for the year! Faithfully, Katy Carpman Director of Religious Education

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