We asked members of our Preschool teaching team to share Top Ten Lists about the wonders of working with our youngest class. Mindy Lawrence brings her grandson and acts as a class assistant.

10-Having your grandson remind you each week that we are on his calendar for “going to our church” on Sunday.

9-Driving the same route to church, but now with a predictable announcement from the backseat that we are passing his mother’s high school and then his doctor’s office.

8- Watching with wonder, his quiet and respectful behavior in the church pew juxtaposed to his full blown involvement and participation in Rev. Becky’s stories.

7-Holding hands, at his insistence, for the walk from the sanctuary to Sunday School class, gathering friends from the nursery along the way.

6- Observing the class requesting the familiar opening rituals, with the lighting (and un-lighting) of the chalice candle and the singing of their first learned song, “We are chalice children, welcome to our circle.”

5-Enjoying the next 45 minutes of class time, amazed at the self-awareness of each child in this eclectic group, and the range of responses to stories and projects.

4- Marveling at the skills of the teachers who maintain the sense of community and caring while adapting their approach to fit the ages, personalities, and expressions of the moment.

3-Assisting small hands when needed as the enthusiastic artists create their signature products at the craft table.

2- Supporting the efforts of my grandson to complete clean-up so he can begin the very intentional search for Opa, to report on the activities of the morning and lobby for a stop by the “French fry store” on the way home.

1-Recognizing the importance of building these connections as our grandson hurries in to tell mom and dad that he had fun, and proceeds to describe his day at church.