We are now in Phase 3 (of 7) of the search for a settled minister. Up to now it has been mostly a matter of filling out paperwork for the UUA and getting things in place to begin our search. A Transitions Team has been formed. The members of the team are Annie New, Mark Holt, Carol Trout, Lisa Rockett, and Jill Rose.

The next step is to form a Search Committee. The Search Committee will be made up of 8 church members who are not currently serving on the Board. Four will be elected by the general membership and four will be appointed by the Board. Members who serve on the committee will be required to attend a retreat with an advisor from the UUA, to conduct a congregational survey, and to screen ministerial applicants on the membership’s behalf. Normally the retreat would be two full days in person but, as that is not possible right now, we expect it to be via conducted Zoom and probably fewer hours in length.

Information on the progress of the search will be updated in the church newsletter, on the website, and in the eblast. The search process is, by design, a slow process. It may seem like things are not moving very quickly but be assured we are right on track according to the timeline established by the UUA. This is not a process to be rushed through and the timeline reflects that. In the meantime, we are in great hands with Rev. Michelle.

If you have an interest in diving deep into what the search process looks like, the handbook we are working from is available to read or download from the UUA website. You may find it by simply Googling UUA Settlement Handbook or by visiting UUA.org and using the search feature there. Thank you in advance for your input and support as we undertake this task together as a Beloved Community.

Cynthia Miller