This post originally appeared in our May newsletter. “Mom, we need to go to the hardware store. The rake broke.” Sure enough, the head of our metal garden rake was no longer attached to the handle. Before I could comment, my father responded, “Oh, you can fix that. Go get these tools and I’ll walk you through it.” In the next twenty minutes, my son learned how to fix a rake. More importantly, he learned that the first solution needn’t be running to the store, and he was reminded that his grandfather has picked up a few useful tricks in the past sixty-some-odd years. We all have our careers and our callings, but what about those other bits? The hobbies and interests and skills that make for a full life, but that we might not always get to show off? This summer our Sunday School will become a Maker Space—a place for children to use their hands and minds to build/cook/sculpt/create. Most projects will be doable in the usual 45-60 minute time slot, with a few volunteer leaders choosing a multi-week project. So, what gives you joy and helps you express yourself? What’s your hidden talent or your dabble? Share your hobby/passion/gift with Emerson’s next generation this summer.  Guest Makers work with our director of education Katy Carpman to hone a plan, and lead their Sunday. (Yes, we have a budget for supplies!)  Assistants (two per week) make sure everyone has a nametag, lend a hand with activities, and help to have a smooth session. This is a fun and easy way to contribute to Emerson’s learning community.


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