August, to me, feels like the summer's weekend. Can I sink in to a lazy sweet day? Shall we go on an adventure? Or should we sensibly use the time to get ready for on ALL THE THINGS–back to school shopping, new work projects, belated nagging of summer reading, chore lists, and so much more? I'll admit that I still haven't found an optimal balance, even as my sons start their senior year of high school.

Sunday school continues in our laid back and fun fashion again this month, finishing up our UU Superheroes theme on Sunday mornings, and a movie night for high school youth on August 13th.

I'm preaching August 20th and on August 27th we welcome Rev. Becky back and have a special back-to-school blessing for learners of all ages.

After Labor Day, once we're back in school year routines, that's when we'll plunge into a new church year. September 10 is Homecoming Sunday, and we're also making it a Bring a Friend Sunday–a great way to invite folks to join in on a high energy day–songs, stories, and lunch afterward!

Love and popsicles,

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