We can all be Souper Heroes battling hunger!

At our January Social Action Sunday, I asked the children to explain Souper Bowl of Caring to our newcomers.

“We build CANstructions out of all the cans and boxes and then people put money in our cans if they like the CANstructions,” explained one volunteer.

“And it goes to the Houston Food Bank!” another piped in.
“And it’s on Super Bowl Sunday,” added another.

We backed up to consider what Houston Food Bank does with the food, and how we ask the congregation to donate thousands of cans and boxes of healthy foods. Then the group eagerly set to making signs and distributing flyers.

Children tend to concentrate on direct action.  We’ll spend some time talking about hunger during our SouperBowl of Caring event on February 5th, but they are eager to get to the building and the money they raise to help.

Youth and adults can delve deeper–what are the systemic changes needed to truly eradicate hunger in Houston and the world?

Start with Becky’s sermon January 29th, and continue your learning by attending our Houston Food Bank Adult Religious Ed session on February 5th. You may recognize our guest speaker Denise Atkerson!

Next Steps:

  • Contribute your cans and boxes (remember, no baby food or glass!)
  • Know every dollar you donate becomes three meals for a hungry Houstonian.
  • Consider volunteering at the Houston Food Bank on February 18th.
  • Pay attention to how you might affect change in the system, from choices for your own family to how you can influence the wider community.

And please – let me know if you could drop off a load of cans at the Houston Food Bank (535 Portwall Street, 77029) in the week following the event.

Katy Carpman
Director of Religious Education

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