On May 14th, co-minister Becky Edmiston-Lange was asked to return to the Houston City Council meeting to speak in support of the Equal Rights Ordinance.  Her comments are below. Good afternoon, I am the Rev. Becky Edmiston-Lange, co-minister of Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church speaking in support of the Ordinance on behalf of on behalf of Houston area Unitarian Universalist Congregations united in a Voice for Justice. 

Doing the right thing – the moral thing – is not always comfortable.  

But – by whatever you each deem holy, you can no longer deny the need for this ordinance.   Over the past two weeks, you’ve heard the testimony of Houstonians who’ve suffered hurtful and injurious discrimination based on some characteristic of their personhood, including gender identity and sexual orientation.   And you’ve heard faith leaders on both sides of the issue, but I am asking you to act in the name of dignity and respect and fairness to protect all God’s children.  We can’t go back to a time of hiding or pretending or feigning ignorance.   I believe that sometimes the Holy calls leaders out of their comfort zones to do what is morally right and I believe this is such a time.   Thank you in advance for the courage and resolve I trust you will exhibit by passing this ordinance for the good of our great city.