Summer Sunday School schedule


Summer is a great time for rejuvenation and reconnection.

I write this as I travel to Columbus, Ohio for General Assembly—the annual meeting of thousands of delegates, professionals, and other enthusiastic UUs from around the country and the world.  This week I meet with hundreds of colleagues, learn about innovative programs in churches far and wide, and consider ethical and business issues. We’ll honor those just receiving their credentials as religious professionals, as well as those retiring, and those who have died in the past year. It’s always a rich and wonderful week—I hope you’ll consider attending next year’s General Assembly in New Orleans.

After that I split my time between the office and a few personal trips—family reconnections, good naps, catching up on fun reading

(ok, some work reading, too), and a long-awaited anniversary getaway. Whether you’re traveling or sticking around town, may you find ways to stay cool, recharge, and feed your soul!

On Sundays you’re in town, yes, we have worship and classes—come on down! This Summer our children gain appreciation of other religions and cultures through the stories of other children, plus games and crafts in learning centers. Our teachers and assistants are ready to go.


Katy Carpman is our Director of Religious Education.