Every Wednesday a group of fabulous folks sit in The Gathering Place and work on their handcrafts- knitting and crocheting and cross-stitch and embroidery… I drop by to say hello and look on with awe.

Such crafts are not among my gifts, but in my free time you can often find me cooking, writing, or gardening.

Studies show that hobbies are good for our happiness and our health. They help us relax, focus, develop skills, and do something that is just for us. (Or perhaps for someone we love…)

And sometimes, like our Wednesday morning Stitchers, people gather in community with their hobbies. They admire one another’s work, share tips, and friendships develop.

What are your hobbies? What have you always wanted to learn? What could you share with someone else?  Think on that – I’ll have a follow-up question next month!

In April our children and youth experience both worship and Sunday School classes, and yes, we’ll have Easter fun on April 21st. Our high school youth lead worship on April 14th, with the Coming of Age youth presenting on May 5th.

Needlework by Linda Lord