Today the Supreme Court is finally hearing oral arguments in Obergefell v. Hodges (and the other cases bundled with it) – I'm checking the SCOTUSblog for their live updates and will go through the transcripts tonight. Yes, I'm more than a little impatient. As one of the hashtags says, Love Can't Wait (#LoveCan'tWait). Marriage, with its thousands of associated legal rights, is one way we protect love and strengthen all families. We never know for certain, but it sounds like the Supreme Court will announce their decision at some point in June. In the meantime, we at Emerson prepare for a celebration of love. Shortly after marriage equality becomes legal in Texas, we will throw open our doors for a day of weddings as our gift to the first twenty-five LGBTQ couples to reserve their spot. Flowers, cake, photos, and music–the whole community is coming together. We look forward to celebrating not only the historical occasion, but this life-changing moment for so many couples and families. With love, Katy Carpman Director of Religious Education Click here to get on the list to be wed! Interested in helping with the big day?


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