Copper tangle chalice

During our January 28th worship service, I announced that I’m heading off for a sabbatical May 1 to July 31 of this year.  A sabbatical is an opportunity to take a breath and dig deeply into a subject of interest, uninterrupted by the usual day-to-day tasks.

While I am gone, we’ll have volunteers in the RE Office, preparing materials, and of course, teachers will continue to teach! In the month of February we’ll start this organizing, so plans are set well before I head out.

What is my Sabbatical topic? I’ll be looking at how we best partner with families as they navigate our ever-busier world. Part of this will be reading and some will be conversations with colleagues in churches with thriving family ministry programs–what remains at the core and what changes have they made?

When I’m back in August I’ll share my learnings- in newsletter columns like this one, on our blog, in worship service, and in conversations formal and informal.

I’m grateful that my contract with Emerson includes this opportunity and I look forward to the planning and teamwork over the coming months to make this happen. If you’d like to be a part of the sabbatical planning team or want to teach or assist a Sunday or two over the summer, let’s chat! or 713 782 8250, ext. 113.