For the past year or so, I’ve worn a FitBit. It tracks my steps, flights of stairs, sleep efficiency, and times of high activity. Its app shows me how I’m doing, and allows me to track other fields like water intake and specific exercises.

But there’s no spiritual growth feature–apparently that’s beyond the capacity of this little wristband. I’ve experimented with other apps (SuperBetter is the current trial) and I’m always reading, but I need other people, for sharing ideas and keeping me on the right track.

Thank goodness for church –a great opportunity for the growth AND the connections.
How would you like to stretch your spirit in 2016?

Our 10 AM adult religious education program concentrates on living our UU values.
January: Wi$dom Path—a UU Perspective on money and values with Clint Harris
February: UU Social Justice History with Jane Collins and Kenny Jones
March: Hands-on Social Justice sessions, a collaboration with our Social Action Council
April: UU Perspectives on Palestine, with Dana Ashrawi
May: UU Ethics

In February, we’ll try out a 10 AM offering for parents—stay tuned for more news on that front!

Our religious education programs for children and youth start up again on January 3rd, continuing this year of UU Identity. Together our classes think deeply on our values and how we put them into practice every day. (See this month’s schedule below.)

As you plan your 2016, consider the many UU camps happening this summer, from Southwest conference camps for children, youth, and families in Kerrville, to opportunities for our youth to do service work or ponder seminary through the UU Service Committee and UUA youth office!

Looking forward, we start a conversation for all of us— how can our community of faith best grow children who thrive and create change in our modern world?

Happy New Year!
Katy Carpman
Director of Religious Education