A child’s social world starts small- parents, maybe siblings… and some extended family as geography and family structure allow. Worlds begin to expand with playgroups or daycare or preschools.

And then there’s Church! In Sunday School the children sit with beloved teachers and take part in ritual. Our preschool/kinder class passes the chalice, each child clicking the battery-operated candle on and off. They use brightly colored cards to explore their feelings, play learning games, walk the grounds, and create art together.

And out in the “big church”, oh!  So many opportunities for touch points with people of many generations – the smiles and kind hands helping a child reach for a cookie, holding a door open, ushers offering a Busy Box.  We share our talents and wisdom and joy on work days and celebrations alike.

This growing of community continues through the lifespan – the elder complimenting the teen’s purple hair, greeting new girlfriends, all of us bringing casseroles for new parents and those recovering from surgery.

And in the end, we come together to celebrate a person’s life, to support grieving family and one another. Indeed, the recipes we bring to the reception may be passed down from one generation of caring souls to the next.

April brings a slew of multigen opportunities – our high school youth present the worship service on April 9th in an always thought-provoking experience. The following week, of course, is Easter – children will have opportunities for crafting and games, then the traditional egg hunt after the service! On April 23rd our Coming of Age youth group presents their faith statements, joined by their wise mentors. We’re all going to have a joyous time at the auction April 29th, and don’t forget to join with all ages at Rebuilding Together Houston on Saturday April 22nd and 29th!