(Update: We are open for Sunday worship since Oct. 2021.)

Dear Emerson Members and Friends,

After careful deliberation, we have decided that we are cancelling all church activities for this coming Saturday and Sunday (3/14 and 3/15.)  We have made this decision because it seems to be the wisest and most compassionate course of action at this time.  We care deeply about everyone’s well-being and think that we should all do our part to help prevent the spread of the virus that causes Covid-19.

This decision was based on recommendations from local health officials and from our Unitarian Universalist Association. While some area churches are still allowing meetings of groups smaller than 25 people, we thought it best to go ahead and cancel all activities for the moment.  In the next week we will develop plans for offering some kind of virtual/online worship experience for future Sundays as we anticipate that it will be some time before it is safe to again gather in large groupings. In the next week we will also reassess decisions about small group meetings at church.

Our first priority as a religious community right now is the health of those most at risk for Covid-19, both within our church and in the greater Houston area. While there are only a very small number of documented coronavirus cases in our city and region at the current time, health officials tell us that taking major steps right now is the only way to slow the spread of this virus.

All of us are in this together – truly all of us, all over the world.  Our individual actions matter to the larger whole.  By making responsible individual choices about our behaviors now we can make a difference for the better for everyone.

This is a time to do all you can to stay safe – and it is a time for us all to take care of each other. In the coming days, please check in with others by phone or email. Reach out to anyone who you think might be feeling overly fearful or isolated. And please feel free to contact Rev. Becky anytime if you need to talk or have concerns.

We are a strong, loving and resilient community and we will get through all this together. Please watch for future announcements regarding church activities via all our usual communication channels.  We look forward to the time when we can all be together as one beloved community again.

Rev. Becky and Katie Scott, Board President for the Board of Trustees