Bending Texas Toward Justice. TXUUJM, an educational organization to acquaint legislators with UU perspectives and acquaint Texas UU congregations with statewide issues, received its 501 (c) (3) status early this year.  The organization, similar to UU “legislative ministries” in other states,  was started when three Emersonians, after receiving Board of Trustees approval,  organized a meeting in Austin that launched TXUUJM. They are Rev. Mark, Larry Huelbig and Gabe Gelb. Our Texas UU voice has been missing on many  issues but to focus our limited resources the TXUUJM Advisory Board, consisting of member representatives from participating churches, has selected three: women’s health, expanding Medicaid, and income inequality.  TXUUJM  provides a vehicle for our congregations and the members of our association to make a difference in our state and to help those learning about Unitarian Universalism see the values for which we stand.  For more information, see the Website, As we approach the 2015 Legislature session, UU’s need a voice more than ever. The Rev. Chuck Freeman is our half-time executive director in Austin but we are asking Emersonians to help finance him to full-time status.  Also, Emerson needs two advisory board members to represent us in guiding priorities for TXUUJM; if interested, please contact Gabe Gelb, for more information.  The representatives are appointed by Emerson’s Board of Trustees.