Emerson is moving online for the next 3 weeks due to the rise in Omicron cases. This is a proactive approach to ensure there will be enough staff and tech volunteers to keep Sunday services going as we have been seeing a sharp increase in the number of COVID exposures, COVID positive tests, and COVID illnesses among the congregation.

We know that this might feel like discouraging news and encourage you to reach out to the Lay Pastoral Ministry Team (LPMT) or the minister if you would like some additional support during this time. We also encourage you to consider joining the COVID support group the LPMT is in the process of putting together. Please contact the LPMT or the minister if you would like more information.

Once we return to in person church gatherings and as a way of living into our shared values of caring and community, we will continue to require everyone to mask indoors and expect all those who are eligible to get fully vaccinated and boosted.

In the meantime, we hope to see you at Virtual Church! https://emersonhouston.org/SundayService

Reminder: We encourage you to update Zoom before logging in on Sunday: https://zoom.us/download