A warning sticker with text and stick figures cautioning Team Lift


My in-laws gifted us a smoker last month—the box was adorned with this Team Lift sticker.


I’ve adopted this as my new Facebook picture. It’s a reminder to myself that we can take on awesome (and sometimes awkward and bulky) things when we work together.

Our Sunday School program is collaborative–what could you do with an hour or two each month? What children might be enriched by your talents and your presence? How might you grow?

Are you the type to get down on the floor to share a story, to set up an experiment?

Do you wish you had more time for simple crafts?

Are you looking for a place to garden and share that wonder with others?

Are you looking for between-Sundays opportunities?

Would you like to take pictures or be a reporter at our many events?

Can you share something of your lived experience with our middle or high school youth? Do you have meditation techniques or life strategies you would love to share with others?

Do you come from another faith tradition or culture, and can you share new understandings with others?

In our RE Innovation Conversations last Spring, we named a longing for more multigenerational opportunities—from gardening to game days to field trips. I encourage all to join in the fun and good works. A great first adventure will be planting our pocket prairie at Fall Campus Cleanup, 9 AM on September 24th!

On Sunday, September 11 join in the festivities of Homecoming Sunday, an all-ages service and joyful potluck lunch afterward. Yes, we’ll have snow cones!

Our full program begins September 18, with curricula rooted in critical thinking, Unitarian Universalist values, and helping our children and youth to courageously interact with the world.

I look forward to working with Emersonians of all ages to see what develops. Let’s talk Sunday, or email me any time.

Katy Carpman, Director of Religious Education