Thanks again to everyone who made it possible to raise over $30,000 through our annual auction! Please be sure to thank the committee members: Carol Trout, Dori Wolfe, Tineke Berends, Hilary Ritz, Lissa Wolfe, and Eric Rosenbaum. They each brought their unique talents to the effort and made it the success that it was. And did you like the food? Be sure to thank Mary Cochran who made it ALL! Robin Sickles and his team made sure no one went thirsty. Jill Rose, the mastermind behind the photobooth. And our fabulous auctioneer, Stephen Lipp, who's ability to entertain us makes it fun to give money to the church. And don't forget Ale Gonzalez for always making sure things get done. There are many others who helped in large and small ways, but Ale says I have to keep this “short.” Never doubt I appreciate all of you. It definitely took a village!

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