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by Barbara Crotty Green is a vegetarian and kosher restaurant with two locations in San Antonio.  Kosher Houstonians begged them to bring their delicious food here.  Thanks to them, we have a great new restaurant alternative for ethical eaters, located on Chimney Rock at Bellaire Blvd, just about three miles south of church. See the menu with descriptions on their website.  I tried the Protein Salad, which was delicious.  The quinoa tabouleh which features in many of their plates, is very tasty.  The pecan hummus surprised me at how yummy it was, too. Everything on the menu can be made vegan if it isn't already.  There are many gluten-free options, as well, including all the desserts, which are scrumptious looking.  They have frostings and cream fillings made from vegan butter.


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