Small Groups Meeting at Emerson – Schedule your events

As we continue to reopen, small social and committee activities may meet outside or in the following meeting spaces:

Westwood Hall:

  • Main room
  • Front room

Delaney Hall:

If you are interested in using Emerson for activities, contact Alejandra at least one week in advance.

  • Do you need the Delaney door code? If so, please email Alejandra to request the Security Commitment form.
  • If you need a key to Westwood Hall, you must make arrangements by filling out this form one week in advance, or you may contact a volunteer Emersonian who has a key.

Check the calendar for availability. Availability on the calendar does not guarantee your request and must be approved. Please wait for staff to reply and authorize your event before sharing your event with the public.

We encourage all groups to consider their answers to the following questions:

  • How will we include members who cannot be at church in person?
  • How do group members feel about masking and physical distancing?
  • Do all members feel comfortable eating indoors or does that need to wait?

We will continue to mask in the Sanctuary and The Gathering Place.

All setups, takedowns, cleaning, and trash removal are your responsibility.