Throughout the school year children fantasize about summer. Oh, the adventures they might have! That glorious uninterrupted stretch of time…

And then it is summer, and within a few days (hours?), comes forth the complaint.  “I’m bored!”

Parents, I offer my sympathy, and let’s think together on strategies to get through the endless and too hot days of June, July, and August. (Been-there-done-that folks, we want to hear what saved your sanity.)

We’re taking part in a No Bummer Summer, sharing ideas for adventure and wonder. Pick up your idea cards in the Gathering Place or print your own online. Check out our daily #NoBummerSummer ideas on Facebook and share your suggestions!

To change things up a bit in Sunday School, we offer a Maker Space, with guest makers and assistants with special projects and questions every Sunday–baking and building and painting and all sorts of creating! Excepting holiday weekends, this group meets 11:15 to noon in Room 108.

Also, stop by the RE Office—our library is full of picture books, learning opportunities, and fun activity guides.

I look forward to the adventures we can create together!

Katy Carpman,
Director of Religious Education