Living on Mars by James Vaughn

Within fifteen years, we hope to establish
a human settlement on Mars. Teams are
hard at work to equip them for the
journey. How will they live together in
tight spaces? What might they encounter
in their explorations?

And what of our children and youth here
on Earth? How shall we develop and
sustain their creativity and grace to
prepare them for an increasingly
complex future?

Children already in Emerson’s nursery have an excellent chance of reaching the twenty-second century! How can our faith community help them to thrive and to take on challenges and opportunities we have yet to imagine?

How might we retool our religious education program for the twenty-first (and twenty-second) century to grow the Unitarian Universalists who play a role in changing the world for the better?

Join the ministers and me for a conversation on Saturday, March 5th, 10 AM to 1 PM in Westwood Hall. Parents, grandparents, and all who wonder grandly about our shared future–we’ll consider the questions above, and start developing a courageous way forward.

Please RSVP to me, so we can best plan for the group. Childcare and snacks provided.

Looking forward to the possibilities,
Katy Carpman
Director of Religious Education