If a child attends an hour of Sunday school every Sunday from the age of 3 to 18, that’s about seven hundred fifty hours, or just over a month of total time.

And sometimes we get sick or go out of town or have a Sunday morning rehearsal… the time is even more limited.

Thankfully parents, children’s primary religious educators, can fit some hope and love and ritual into even the busiest of days.

Here are some ways Emerson helps parents to have a full-week faith with children-

Each week we update the Between Sundays page on our website with questions and follow-up activities from our Sunday School classes, as well as upcoming events at Emerson and ways to live our values.

Our RE Library (in the RE Office, Room 102) has many useful books for parents and children—feel free to come by and borrow something! Starting this month I’ll be blogging quick book reviews from our shelves.

And we’re always looking for new family-friendly material for our Facebook and Pinterest pages—find something great? Send it to me katy@emersonhouston.org and I’ll add it to the mix!

Katy Carpman
Director of Religious Education

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