Flooded street during Tropical Storm Imelda

Yes, that’s my recycling bin, beginning to float away…

I’m writing this on Thursday, September 19th, as my street, and many across southeast Texas, are filled with water from Tropical Storm Imelda. A friend posts on Facebook – Whose idea was it to move to the Gulf Coast?

Yeaaaaaah. Most of the time I love living in Houston – a real world city, great people, a strong economy… but the sacrifice on days like these is at the very least, peace of mind, and possible risk to self and property. We’re told that climate change is partially to blame for the flooding, and then will likely get worse.

So, what choices might we make that would be easier? A recent article on the 538 blog looked around the US, considering places where climate change might bring better weather. Their findings point to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I’ve been to the UP- it’s lovely at visit in the summer, especially if you like kayaking. And mosquitoes. But I’m not sure I have it in me to be a Yooper.

Life is full of choices. Probably too many of them. What’s best in the short term? In the long term?  For me? For all humankind? For all beings? We quickly get to ethics… and we’ll talk a whole lot this month as we focus on sacrifice.