Join us as we make our “Faithful Journeys” together! Our journeys will take us on an exploration of how we can live our UU principles and values. All classes include activities.

Children join their parents in the Sanctuary at 11 for the beginning of the worship service. At the designated time during the service, school-age children will follow the teachers to Room 108 for their own class.

  • September 3: Holiday weekend—children can attend the worship service or go to childcare in Room 104.
  • September 10: The Journey Begins—making a difference, including making personal journey maps
  • September 17: Unconditional Love: A Gift from Our Universalist Heritage—respecting everyone, based on a story about Hosea Ballou
  • September 24: Welcoming Superman—including everyone, with an accessibility audit of our church

Childcare for younger children is always available from 9:45 AM in Room 104.

  • October 1: Be Fair—fairness for all, including planning and posters for projects to help others

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