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From Rev. Michelle LaGrave

Dear Ones, Yup, things are changing… again.  We all know change can be difficult and this congregation sure has had a lot

From Rev. Michelle LaGrave2022-09-28T15:38:50-05:00

Bible Study Group

Mike Condit will follow up on his RE presentation of May 1 centered on a book by Kenneth E. Walsh entitled Bible

Bible Study Group2022-07-27T16:27:45-05:00

From the Board President Dori Wolfe

Wait – I’m getting ANOTHER call from an Emersonian? Didn’t I get called last year about my thoughts on who might best

From the Board President Dori Wolfe2022-03-02T15:20:45-06:00

From Board President Dori Wolfe

Welcome to February – a transition month where we welcome in new board members, review and set our goals, and move the

From Board President Dori Wolfe2022-02-18T13:31:38-06:00
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