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From the Board President Dori Wolfe

Wait – I’m getting ANOTHER call from an Emersonian? Didn’t I get called last year about my thoughts on who might best

From the Board President Dori Wolfe2022-03-02T15:20:45-06:00

From Board President Dori Wolfe

Welcome to February – a transition month where we welcome in new board members, review and set our goals, and move the

From Board President Dori Wolfe2022-02-18T13:31:38-06:00

Virtual Church

Emerson is moving online for the next 3 weeks due to the rise in Omicron cases. This is a proactive approach to

Virtual Church2022-01-13T14:57:50-06:00

Meet our new Membership Coordinator!

Our new membership coordinator goes by two names: Austin Kelly Mitchell and Audrey Gale Hall. You can use "Austin" and "Audrey" interchangeably,

Meet our new Membership Coordinator!2021-11-17T13:03:05-06:00
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