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The State of the Search

We are now in Phase 3 (of 7) of the search for a settled minister. Up to now it has been mostly a matter of filling out paperwork for the UUA and getting things in place to begin our search. A Transitions Team has been … read more.

Possibilities… and a recipe

It was not only interesting but inspiring to see how people embraced new ways of trick-or-treat this Halloween, from treat tables to candy chutes to scavenger hunts. Some of the solutions were fun enough that they may carry over into a post-pandemic world!

What if we … read more.

Self-Care During the Pandemic

This post is based on the October 11th Adult Religious Education RE session entitled “Self-Care During the Pandemic”, presented by Ian Sachs, April Smith, and Marci Collier.

#Take Care of Yourself

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ian, he is the coordinator of … read more.

Changing rituals to fit the time

Lately I’ve struggled to write newsletter columns. It took me month to figure out why.

See, in normal times I’d head to IHOP for what I call “Breakfast Meeting with Myself.” Over the years it’s moved from mere routine to ritual. Stirring my coffee before drizzling … read more.

Greetings, Everyone!

I am writing to introduce myself to you as your new Interim Minister but first I want to say how excited I am to be joining you on this journey!  Welcoming in an interim minister can be both exciting and challenging, especially after you have … read more.

Learning to be anti-racist

George Floyd’s death and the protests and movement following it are changing the world. And changing the world involves changing minds and hearts. In such a challenging time, I find hope in the many Emersonians who are taking a stand and reaching out to learn … read more.

Becky’s Last Emersonian Column


It is so hard to believe that this is my last column as your minister!  There have been times in this unusual spring when it has seemed surreal that I would be retiring without being in your physical presence again.  But so it is to … read more.