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Learning to be anti-racist

George Floyd’s death and the protests and movement following it are changing the world. And changing the world involves changing minds and hearts. In such a challenging time, I find hope in the many Emersonians who are taking a stand and reaching out to learn … read more.

Becky’s Last Emersonian Column


It is so hard to believe that this is my last column as your minister!  There have been times in this unusual spring when it has seemed surreal that I would be retiring without being in your physical presence again.  But so it is to … read more.

Lessons from Henry David Thoreau

Walden, A Life in the Woods, is Henry David Thoreau’s reflections on nature and human experience, lessons harvested in his two years, two months, and two days building and living in a cabin on a lake.

I’ve struggled with his story – a man of … read more.

Church closures due to Covid-19

Stay home.  Stay safe.
We’re all in this together!
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With the Covid-19 pandemic, we are all going through a difficult and uncertain time.  In order to protect ourselves and our larger community, the Board of Trustees and the staff are in … read more.

Church Cancellation for Covid-19

Dear Emerson Members and Friends,

After careful deliberation, we have decided that we are cancelling all church activities for this coming Saturday and Sunday (3/14 and 3/15.)  We have made this decision because it seems to be the wisest and most compassionate course of … read more.

Knowing the nature nearby

Behold, a peafowl tree!

My collegial book group recently read Richard Louv’s Last Child in the Woods. I did not agree with every one of the author’s points, but I was intrigued by the idea of intimately getting to know the place where … read more.