by Katy Carpman, Director of Religious Education
Do you always keep a Facebook tab open? Maybe the app pings on your phone as your close friends post or someone comments on your latest picture or insight? I admit–I adore Facebook, with its communal montage of breaking news, humor from high school classmates, and the endless stream of baby pictures, porcupine videos, and cheesy recipes. On our Emerson page we post at least a couple of times each day. Throughout the week we announce worship topics, Sunday school news, and upcoming events both on campus and at partner organizations. We share interesting articles from all over the web, as well as photos of our campus and people. Every afternoon this summer, we're posting another #NoBummerSummer activity–experiments, crafts, recipes, and outings to help us make the most of whatever summer vacation or ordinary Wednesdays we get. (Also posting on Pinterest!) For the past several months we've put up a Daily Bloom each morning–a picture taken from our beautiful grounds. Through the month of July, we're switching this up and posting a scavenger hunt photo each day. Can you identify where you'd find each of these objects, or where the camera sat to take the picture? We encourage all to LIKE our page on Facebook, and if you want to make sure to see every post, you can either check the page several times a day, or make it easier on yourself–click one (or both) of these options under the LIKE button
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Keep in mind that liking a post or sharing with your friends not only tells us that you're interested in what we're posting, but increases the odds that our message gets out more widely. Interested in joining our Facebooking team? Talk to me some Sunday soon!