Our senior minister, Rev. Dr. Becky Edmiston-Lange, delivered the Invocation for Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston (IM) Multi-faith Council on Wednesday, May 23. The Multi-faith Council is a network of communities of faith that sustain and expand IM’s Interfaith Relations and Community Partnership’s efforts to engage faith leaders in dialogue, collaboration, and respect, including feeding hungry seniors, resettling refugees, and promoting understanding.


Spirit of life and love, spirit of community in which we share and find common purpose, be strong within us and among us this day.

Fill us with gratitude for the bounty we enjoy – the food upon our table and the beautiful planet from which it comes; the efforts of all those who blessed this food with their labor in its journey from earth to table – and that we eat in a world where too many are hungry.

Fill us with awareness of the freedoms we enjoy in this protected place and in this particular moment – freedom from persecution, freedom of association, freedom to be who we are without fear – and that we enjoy these freedoms and more in a world where people are, even now, tortured and torn, fleeing, seeking refuge because of their identity, or their faith or simply the accidental circumstances of their birth.

Fill us with such gratitude and awareness so that our mindfulness will grow – mindfulness of how important is our coming together this day to support one another and the work of Interfaith Ministries – that we might join the strength of our compassions and our convictions to resist forces of ignorance and fear, to foster understanding and respect and to protect and serve the vulnerable of our city.

And fill us with a holy curiosity about one another and our different perspectives so that we might truly engage one another and light the creative sparks within and among us that will help us help Greater Houston become a place where all people live lives of integrity and dignity and share in the bounty of this beautiful world.


Rev. Becky Edmiston-Lange