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Affirmations to go!

Earlier in August, we embraced the affirming spirit of the Queer Eye team, writing simple messages to share with one another. Here’s a sampling – try one or two on for size!

You are awesome! As is.

You are a good person – just the way you … read more.

Change happens!

Summer 2000

Each summer we spend time with my family in Wisconsin. The first time I made the drive with my sons, they were nine months old. One of them had a broken arm—carseat strap logistics were extra complicated. On the way home … read more.

Of hobbies and community

Every Wednesday a group of fabulous folks sit in The Gathering Place and work on their handcrafts- knitting and crocheting and cross-stitch and embroidery… I drop by to say hello and look on with awe.

Such crafts are not among my gifts, but in my free … read more.

Take a (Spring) break?

My sons, freshmen at Texas A&M, get their first college Spring Break this month. Not exactly party animals, they’ll enjoy the free room and board of home. Of course, the rest of us will not have the luxury of a full week off.   

But perhaps Spring Break can remind us to take Sabbath. 

It’s good to … read more.

Church as practice ground

Last year we planned a trip to parks in Utah and Arizona. I bought a sturdy pair of hiking boots and broke them in with good wool socks, getting used to the heavy weight on my feet, making sure so I could … read more.

A Snapshot of Emersonians’ Views of God

In December, our middle school class surveyed the coffee hour crowd, asking people to mark three statements that best match their personal beliefs. The class matched each statement to a range of theologies and graphed the results.



The group used these definitions from their curriculum … read more.

Twists and turns and traditions

In my home, Thanksgiving is a BIG deal. Since my college days, out-of-towners who couldn’t travel for the holiday were welcome to join us.  When my children came along, so did my in-laws, visiting from Boston.  And our friends (and their children … read more.

Building Our Vision

Over the course of 6 visioning sessions, more than 60 members and friends of Emerson shared their beliefs about the strengths of Emerson today and what Emerson could look like in the future. Below is a summary of their visions of an Ideal Emerson. A … read more.

UNICEF Carnival – Coming Soon!

Halloween gives us an opportunity to try on another personality – do you choose to be a monster? A fairy? Something aspirational?

On October 28th, we invite everyone to come in costume, both for the worship service and our UNICEF Carnival.  For over forty years, this … read more.