UNICEF Carnival – Coming Soon!

Halloween gives us an opportunity to try on another personality – do you choose to be a monster? A fairy? Something aspirational?

On October 28th, we invite everyone to come in costume, both for the worship service and our UNICEF Carnival.  For over forty years, this … read more.

Tools for Home – A Chalice!

Do you have a chalice at home? A special candle you can light in times of celebration, sorrow, when you need some hope or focus? To say grace whenever you can all sit down for a meal*?

As part of our Homecoming Sunday September 9th, we … read more.

Welcome, Sojourner!

Transitional Thoughts
Welcome, Sojourner!

It is the season of homecoming at church. Worship attendance and program participation increases as we gather again in fuller force.

Maybe this isn’t the only homecoming going on.

As a transitional minister serving congregations during shorter pastorates, I have the luxury of experiencing different … read more.

Hospitality as Spiritual Practice

In August, churches see an increase in visitors, as families begin settling into fall activities so this month is an opportunity to be especially welcoming. Though our greeters have the specific task on Sunday morning to welcome folks—all of us need to be welcoming.

Do we … read more.

Houston Chronicle Article: Protests

Regarding “Faith-based groups turn up the heat on ICE” (Page F3, Sunday), it was very gratifying to read the article that highlighted the response of both the Unitarian Universalist Association and the American Friends Service Committee to the inhumane abuses of ICE. It was particularly … read more.

Life on the Horizontal and Vertical

Why do we come to church?  Why do others seek us out?  There are many answers to those questions. I suggest two, for now.

First, for fellowship. People come here looking for authentic human connection. We come here to be with friends and family, and often … read more.

Emerson Thinks Big…and Scores!

Many new members may not have heard about the Harris County Drug Courts — four of them — and how we at Emerson have helped 624 convicted drug addicts become “clean.” Emerson members helped establish a two-year program to finance residential treatment, relapse prevention, anger … read more.