Dear Ones,

The news coming out of Uvalde is horrific, though my tears have not yet begun to flow. Instead, I feel numb. Perhaps, you do, too. I know what comes next – the numbers of children and adults killed turn into names, and photos, and stories of lives filled with love and laughter and potential, now lost. The questions will come, too – why? What was the motive? What can be done to prevent this from happening again? Can anything be done? Do thoughts and prayers help anything, or are they… pointless?

I do not know the names or the stories yet, nor do I know the answers to most of the questions.

What I do know is that we have each other. When trauma is layered upon trauma is layered upon trauma, we have each other, we have community, we have Love. When the tears eventually flow or if they never do, we have each other. When the questions have no answers, we have each other. This is what faith community is for – to lean on each other, and to lean on that which is greater than any one of us, especially when it feels like it is all too much to bear.

My heart is filled with sorrow for this and so many things. A time will come, soon, for action, but for now I urge you to take care of yourselves and each other. Practice good self-care. Look out for your neighbors and your friends, too. Get rest if you can. Take breaks from the news. Go outside and connect with nature. And engage your spiritual practices, as best you can. I know it is hard to do. Most of all, be gentle with yourself and with each other. Things are hard right now and will be for a while, yet.

Let’s be here for each other.

With Warmth and Love,

Rev. Michelle