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Guest Speaker Catherine Roberts, Executive Director of the Yates Museum – Learn about contributions from many Unitarian Universalists who have helped preserve several African Heritage Museum houses, archaeology sites, brick streets, and historic churches within the endangered, and only remaining, post-Civil War settlement of Freedmen’s Town National Register Historic District-CPL. It is the only Urban settlement of its kind in the United States; founded and built by previously enslaved families and their descendants immediately after Emancipation in 1865. Since 1985, over 500 low income African American families have been displaced, their homes and 6 historic churches demolished illegally, and the remaining 7 historic churches are still in jeopardy.

Whether you are a newcomer or a longtime Emersonian, whether you are interested in probing life’s most persistent questions or finding out what others think about today’s news, we have something for you here.

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