Periodically we ask survey questions – this one’s from 2018.

Most UUs came from another faith tradition. Many have taken interesting paths to arrive at Emerson. In order to inform Adult Religious Education programming, please answer the following questions.  

The following faith traditions have been a part of my spiritual journey: (Select all that apply) 7 Roman Catholic 2 Eastern Orthodox 1 Anglican 3 Episcopal 3 Presbyterian 4 Baptist 1 Lutheran 7 Methodist 2 Judaism 1 Islam 1 Hindu 3 Buddhist 6 Taoist 0 Confucian 4 Humanist 6 Agnostic 6 Atheist 1 Pagan/Wiccan 0 Sikh 0 Zoroastrian 6 Other: Evangelical Christian, Christian Science, 2 Quaker, Jesus Teaching, 12 Step, Congregational UCC  

Many UUs refer to their present religious being as a combination of faiths: Buddhist UU, UU Humanist, etc. If this applies to you, please indicate how you identify your spiritual self.

0 Agnostic/Humanist UU, 2 UU/Agnostic, 3 UU/Humanist, 2 Atheist UU, 0 UU Theist, 2 Buddhist/UU, 0 Taoist/UU  

Would you like to share your spiritual journey as part of an Adult Religious Education session dedicated to such journeys? 12 Yes 15 No

A total of 27 surveys were returned.

    Those indicating a willingness to share their journey will be contacted and schedule throughout the coming year. Thanks to all!

Kenny Jones Chair, Adult Religious Education Committee, 2018