We gather together in worship, embodying spiritual community, because we need constant reminders of what matters most in life.

In a world of heartbreak and dehumanization, our congregations and communities call us to our better selves.


We learn to live with more wisdom, more connection, and more compassion.

Our Worship Services are weekly reflections weaving together our own thoughts and experiences with music, beauty, poetry, and words that both comfort and challenge. Our programs for all ages inspire us, and awaken us to our capacities to make a difference in our own lives and in the world.

We are inspired by religious sources and by the people with whom we journey: the diverse and spirited Unitarian Universalists.

We invite you to join us next Sunday at 11 AM.



  • ”It’s a story about…..”

    Rev. Susan Buchanan

    The parable from the Christian tradition that has typically been called “The Prodigal Son” is rich in metaphor for reflecting on divided relationships, both personal and communal. Perhaps it can even give us some insight into the divisions in our nation. This retelling will be an opportunity to step into the story and find ourselves.